Covid 19 Measures

In order to put the safety of our staff and customers first in accordance with current Government guidance we have put in place the following measures to make sure you feel safe but still enjoy your experience whilst shopping at Tea-Cake.

Shop Safety Measures

• Only 3 individuals/bubbles will be allowed in at any one time, this may be limited to two at times.

• One way system around the shop in place.

• Floor markings for 2 metre guidance and indicating our one way system.

• Hand Sanitiser to be used on entry and exit from Tea-Cake.

• Please ask before picking up items – we have spaced things out to enable you to see our products more easily.

• Gloves available to allow customers to look through cards and prints.

• Door to remain open to allow for better ventilation.

• Protective screen applied to till area.

• Contactless/Card payments preferred – This will be cleaned regularly.

Hand Sanitiser also available at till.

• Markers for queuing outside of the shop in case you are required to wait before entering.

• Staff will be provided with masks

• Customers are required to wear a face covering before entering Tea-Cake

• Items which have been handled by a customer or returned will be quarantined for 48hrs and wiped with antibacterial spray where possible.

• Door knobs/handles/handrails etc will be wiped clean with antibacterial spray regularly throughout the day.

• We’ve significantly reduced the number of tables in our upstairs space to allow for social distancing at 2m in some instance and 1m plus mitigations in others, these include; wearing masks to the table, back to back seating and the balcony open.

Tearooms Safety Measures

• We’re not serving downstairs or outside – not enough space to sit without people passing, this is not something we would be able to control outside. Also there are too many pass points for staff if having to carry food beyond customers in the shop and passing on the stairs as we are unable to operate a one way system.

• Barrier across the bottom of the stairs to help to eliminate pass points between customers, it also prevents unnecessary stair use if the tearooms are already at capacity.

• The barrier also gives us an opportunity to take customers track and trace contact details before sitting.

• Customers are also asked at this point to wear face masks/coverings to the table and also sanitize their hands before heading upstairs and upon leaving.

• Staff will be wearing masks to serve customers and whilst in areas that customers may be present.

• Tables and chairs will be wiped down with anti-bacterial spray between each customer use.

• Ask customers to be patient and remain seated as much as possible to avoid pass points with other customers.

• Staff will as always be washing hands on a regular basis using the correct hand washing technique, ensuring they have washed their hands after clearing and wiping down a used table, before beginning a new task/serving another customer.

• Butters, jams and creams will now be served in a pre-packed wrapper.

• All non essential items have been removed from the tables

• Menus have been attached to the wall to avoid being picked up – any menus given out will be discarded after each use.

• Condiments such as sugar pots, salt and pepper will be brought to the table and wiped between each use – please say if these are not required.

• Reduced staff levels to limit the amount of contact customers have with staff and to limit pass points between staff.

• Balcony, windows and downstairs door (when possible) to remain open to increase natural air flow.

• Once seated please do not swap tables.

• Please be respectful to our staff, everyone is working hard under very strange circumstances and things might take a little while longer than usual.

• Please take note of our name incase it is needed in the unlikely event you are contacted by track and trace and you need to notify them of where you have visited.

We look forward to welcoming back our customers and ask that you read and respect our guidance, and show patience with our staff and fellow customers. This is a new situation that we all find ourselves in and we’re all learning how to adjust in a world with social distancing.